Rosa Mosa

Traditonal Austrian slippers, a style that in former times were known very well through out Austria. This style had been worn through Austrians daily lives to protect from the cold but over the years, little by little, they have been forgotten and the result is that they are not so well know today. The main reason is that the method to make them is hard for mass production and the number of artisans with the skills to make these special shoes has reduced radically. In answer to this Rosa Mosa encountered a woman living deep in the Austrian mountains keeping the tradition alive. A woman called Maria. She sympathised with the opinion of Rosa Mosa and promised to use her skills to make a limited collection, 2013.

For one pair of Maria shoes a huge 14 metres of wool needs to be spun. The intricate process starts by making long and strong braids and carefully adding the wool little by little. The braids is then sewn up along each last using a special strong thread made by Maria herself. These braids are coiled around and sewn thousands of times until at the end the soles can be attached and a pair of Maria shoes are finally finished.

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