Roberto Botticelli Award 2012 for IFD students

In the first week of April this year the students of Industrial Footwear Design (part of the Dutch HealthTec Academy in Utrecht), visited the factory of the international shoe brand Roberto Botticelli in Italy for a business presentation, organized by Liesel Swart the Head of Design of DHTA.

Roberto Botticelli products have a mixture of flair and craftsmanship, this combination of design and comfort made the brand world famous. The luxury accessories are carefully stitched, made of soft varied leather, with the right sole thickness and are available in a large variety of colors.

During this presentation the students were surprised by the announcement of a shoe design contest for his brand with an internship at the Roberto Botticelli design department in Milan for two winners. It is a great opportunity when a student can add an assignment for a company like Roberto Botticelli to their portfolio.

To win this design contest they had to design a women’s shoe for the luxury RB line inspired by nature, and a men’s shoe for the limited RB line, inspired by art. The two winning designers get the opportunity will go to Italy for two month internship at the Roberto Botticelli design department. The winning designs will also be taken into production and sold worldwide in the Roberto Botticelli shops in the beginning of 2013. As well as all to this, the two winning designers also receive a 1.500 euro cheque.

This Tuesday June 26th ten IFD students showed their sketches accompanied by a personal digital presentation at the Dutch HealthTec Academy to Roberto Botticelli and his colleagues. Roberto Botticelli was accompanied by Erik Corvaro sales manager Italy, Gian Maria Argentini general director of Errebi SPA, Nurit Seijffers, his Dutch agent for more than 28 years and her daughter Orly Seijffers, the general manager from The Netherlands Roberto Botticelli who also acted as translator.

The following IFD students Joukje van ‘t Veen, Roel Coppens, Kim van den Boogaart, Renée Rutten, Vivian Hoogendoorn, Tilly van Genne, Anka Treuniet, Dimitri Waslander, Evelien van Hooydonck, Harm Brinkhof showed a large variety of designs based on the design contest specifications art and nature. So many creative and very different idea’s so pretty difficult to choose from. I’m very happy that I wasn’t in Roberto’s shoes… After a nerve racking half hour and after long deliberation the winners were announced. Roberto Botticelli explained to the designers his reasons for his preferences and he took the time talking to the students to discuss their individual work.

Vivian Hoogendoorn (for her men’s shoe for the limited RB line inspired by art) and Anka Treuniet (for women’s shoe for the luxury RB line inspired by nature), won the internship at the Roberto Botticell studio. And because Mr. Botticelli was very enthusiastic about the art inspired shoe sketches by Roel Coppens and Brinkhof, they also received an extra prize.

My compliments to all the students for their work, I really enjoyed the presentations and congratulations to the winners!

For more information about the Industrial Footwear Design courses please contact Liesel Swart [email protected] (Head of Design).

Photo: Harm Brinkhof, Anka Treurniet, Liesel Swart, Roberto Botticelli, Vivian Hoogendoorn and Roel Coppens.