Shaman duck (Śamaan-part)

Riina Õun

Shamanism is a complicated system, where everything has its deep meaning and aim. Shaman's costume symbolizes the animal protector-spirit. In the region of Far-Baikal, most often you can find deer symbol. Sahaas need the deer costume for healing, but also for journeys to the upper- and underworld. Duck is one of the most important helpers of a shaman, as it can dive underwater feeling at home both in the underworld and the upperworld – in the air.
(Michaly Hoppal 'Śamaanid Aasias ja Euroopas')

Neon-deer boots and shaman-duck shoes were inspired of Northern nation´s shamanism traditions. In order to gain more power the shamans used to wear shoes which imitated the animal´s foot whos protection they were seeking. This idea was modernized and coloured into magical neon colour.

Shaman-deer boots platform sole and heel leave behind footsteps of a deer, in this way representing the shamanic deer protector-spirit, who is supposed to help the wearer of the boots. The duck footprint-shaped platform and merest thin heel leave the impression of a duck footprints when walking on soft wet ground.

In 2004 the 'Shaman duck' shoes got the 5th place in the lady's shoes category of the 'Lapiz de Oro' shoe design competition in Elda, Spain and were exhibited in the Elda shoe museum.

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