In collaboration with fashion designers LEW (Leemans and Wicker) and fashion designer Michelle Wu, René van den Berg made five pairs of platform shoes for ODE, Club of the future of Heineken. First presented during the Salone del Mobile Milan April 2012.

ODE, Club of the future of Heineken
As soon as you walk through the door and clock the touch-sensitive, interactive bar surface, you know you are not in a normal nightclub. This is Zona Tortona, Milan; the unveiling of a crowd-sourced nightclub concept from Heineken – a year-long design exploration project, created through the progressive minds of 19 emerging designers from across the globe. The result is a prototype, futuristic nightclub where even the simple act of ordering a beer has been creatively deconstructed and artfully reconsidered. Tap a bottle-shaped icon on the screen and pulsing, concentric circles attract the server’s attention and tell him that you have priority over the guy next to you. When your beer (in its award-winning aluminium bottle) is served (via some specially-commissioned, ergonomically designed trays) the bar man taps the icon to explode it, showing that the order has been fulfilled. Now watch as your beer ‘connects’ with the bottle next to you, providing a cute, ice-breaking conversation starter. If you want more entertainment before you hit the dance floor check out the grooving images on the Heineken video wall behind you – a massive TV screen with over 2000 green beer bottles replacing pixels.

© Heineken, photo René van den Berg

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