Bread Shoes kids

R&E Praspaliauskas

Bread Shoes

 souvenir: made from real Bread

. Not wearable on feet… first in fashion… for interesting lifestyle…
 needs no pressing… dries itself…

Size: 11cm x 7cm x 5cm

Bread Shoes are a souvenir to put on the TV or show to your neighbours, not ideal for using them as real shoes. This product is for clever people, who feel we are talking about.
This is not a product for money. This product comes with a concept – let it be a souvenir. We took a product from the food market and did a reincarnation.

Every pair is unique and comes with a best suitable
hand-picked cardboard box.

It is not hardened, and it is not weather-resistant. 
It is a natural product from real Bread.

Bread Shoes feel very good in dry climate. We own Bread Shoes ourselves. One shoe is dead, another is fine, five years old. We wear it like a box for new soup. In wet orbit they go mold, mushy and washy, comic and funny… It’s design likes a joke for fantasy to restart your brains

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