Part of the ‘Reslience: Limited foot scaffolding’’ collection, 2017.

This powerful and dramatic collection aims at highlighting the parallel between the experience of pain and the idea of pain. What our mind visually assimilates as painful is explored through the use of optical illusions, by suggesting a manipulated body posture as well as potentially torturous objects.

The whole collection hinges on this piece inspired by the Indian paduka. This personal interpretation of the bed of nails borders footwear and object. Its composition and aesthetic announce the theme of the project: resilience, pain, discomfort. In the same way fakir lay on bed of nails, the wearer would stand on it, stay still. No spiritual or meditational references are associated in the fitting of this footwear. ‘Roots’ is purely about mental and physique resistance to what appears torturous. It questions courage.

Material: Sapele wood and copper.

© Phèdre Calvados

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