Peter Jakubik

Peter Jakubik won the attention of many by transferring porno and BDSM motives and aesthetics into design. Provoking situations, objects such as fetishes, woman as a designer-erotic object are typical for his designs of furniture and furniture accessories,toys for adults, clothing accessories and gifts. They have a bit of irony and provocative spirit in them. Peter uncovers forbidden hobbies and hidden preferences without shame and in objects that are supposed to be used as real furniture. DIY community and home-made production is another, no less interesting topic of his creative activity the strategies of which Peter examines and comments through his designs. Erotic or DIY, Peter Jakubik has always been keen on playing games. And it is up to the user to take it seriously or as fun. Many of Peter Jakubik’s designs have been selected for the many art and design exhibitions in the world and featured in several international design and lifestyle publications and magazines.

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