Without feeling any restrictions Pauline started out shaping around the form of a foot, as if being a sculptress. To her this made the design process very personal, fluent and aesthetic. The forms evolved very naturally and came out of her pencil almost effortlessly; everything was possible! Seeing oneself and surroundings distorted, makes Pauline wonder what is on exhibit here, the object or the space in which it exists — or both. She translated this idea into a concept of a dialogue between the upper part of the shoe and the sole. The shape of the sole is completely surrounded by the upper. In this design reflection and perspective are key elements. Furthermore she wanted to create a clear contrast between the rigid aspect of the wooden sole and the softer, fluid aspect of the upper; sharp edges combined with curves lines. The upper part is made of a high-tech fabric. It has a modern and three dimensional look. In her attempt to create a dialogue she saw that the shoe actually makes people wonder where the foot begins and the sole ends. It makes people wonder how it’s made, how you can walk on it and triggers them to take a closer look and see the piece from different angles.

Winner Sacha Golden Heel award 2010.

© Pauline van Dongen

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