Noriyuki Misawa

Handmade leather shoe sculpture, a tribute piece to the visual futurist legend Syd Mead, 2019.

Inspired by the space colony in the epic film, ‘Elysium,’ Misawa expressed beauty in a curvy shoe line defining legs. His design’s keyword is ‘riding’ and departs boldly from the traditional concepts of ‘wearing/walking’ shoes. Using his background as a shoemaker, Misawa hand-crafted this futuristic piece with scrap leather. Like a child, playing in a private imaginary world, he made this piece by freely immersing himself into Mead’s incredible fantasy world. He sees the world through Syd’s eyes, and designed new shoes.

Materials: British-made oak bark leather (natural, outside), German-made tanned leather (natural, inside)/(gold relief).

Measurements: 400 l × 120 w × 750 h mm.

© Noriyuki Misawa.

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