Barood Barood

Noa Rubin

“Barood Barood” (Arabic) is a warning call once used by Israeli construction workers prior to detonating bedrock in preparation for laying the foundation of a new building. The blasting of the bedrock was carried out using gunpowder (Barood). “Barood Barood” was shouted to alert passersby and keep them from harm’s way.

The project deals with deconstruction and questions about education and accepted cultural norms. In the project I dismantle the familiar and “play” with the resulting fragments as if they were toy building blocks. Through play time activity I connect to a make believe, intuitive world.  In this imaginary world my logic takes first priority.

Materials: sawdust, wood workers glue, leather, fiberglass, carbon fiber

Inner shoe: Traditional shoemaking.
Exterior: Hand sculpting of putty (made of sawdust and carpenters glue)

Guidance: Eliora Ginsburg, Jewelry and fashion department, Bezalel

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