Nici Jost

Nici Jost is a conceptual/multimedia artist/photographer from Zürich. The essential element of her work is the exploration of the sublime tensions between technology and nature, space and perception, identity and image. Jost tends to focus on over-looked features of our daily environment and challenges the passive «consumption» of art in a crowded environment. In so doing, she provokes questions about the broader, often disquieting, implications of our ever-accelerating technological evolution and the position of the individual within. In her video/installation work as well as in her photographical oeuvre, Jost pushes the boundaries between reality, fantasy and fiction, making the viewer re-evaluate his/her natural and conceptual reference models, as he/she enters imaginary, yet surprisingly real worlds with intense colors and surreal perspectives. The collaboration of artist and viewers is essential.

Nici Jost (born 1984 in Banff/Canada) graduated in 2010 with a bachelor in Media Arts from the University of Art and Design in Basel. She lives and works as an artist and photographer in Zurich. Her work has been shown in many national and international exhibitions, among others in the United States, Spain, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Germany. In 2011 Jost received the prestigious Alexander Clavel Foundation Sculpture Prize.

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