Natsuki Hanyu

Natsuki Hanyu is a Textile Monster based in London and Tokyo. The monster is a storyteller sharing a sense of value through a spiritual atmosphere without relying on language.

Graduated from Royal College of Art MA Textiles Mixed Media (London) in 2021 and Central Saint Martins FAD Textiles (London) in 2018.
Hanyu: ‘I previously studied fashion at Joshibi University in Japan. Since I have a background in fashion, my deep interest in the body remains unchanged, and all of my spiritual works are made for a body. Body-movements animate my textiles, and my poetic textile has the power to redefine the beauty of the body. These ambiguous full-body costumes are designed to resonate with the movement of the wearer, and I use performance to explore the interactive relationship between body, movement and environment.’

© Natsuki Hanyu

By Natsuki Hanyu


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