Open or close mules

MJ Noh

Part of the graduation collection ‘Body shame’, 2020.

The design is inspired by body shaming and using Trompe l’oeil technique. During my research, I realized that not only Korean girls, but many people feel pressured to have a perfect body. They think they should have a fat belly, a clear baby skin and get rid of wrinkles to be seen as a beautiful. If they are not happy with themselves, they feel ashamed of their own body and get low self-esteem.

Noh: ‘I wondered who defines the meaning of beauty. What makes people feel a shamed of their own body? Why can’t natural bodies be considered beautiful? I created ‘natural body’ features, that people in general don’t want to show. Such as belly fat, vitiligo, age spots etc. I wanted to show that natural bodies can be cool enough to love yourself.’

Material: leather, latex and vintage purse frames.

© MJ Noh.

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