Minna Parikka’s career as an artist is coming to an end

The Finnish shoe company will close its business in December 2020 after 15 years. The Aleksanterinkatu store closed in July and operations have since continued successfully in global online shopping. The last day to buy shoes from the online store will be December 20th.

The news of the closure may come as a surprise to many, as the brand is doing great on all metrics. Minna Parika’s shoes have been sold in international department stores like Selfridges, Harrods and Galeries Lafayette and have reached the feet of many shoe lovers, international influencers and celebrities. ‘Couples’ have become a concept, and they can be found in the shoe closet of almost every Finnish woman. The current year has been unprecedentedly good and the company is debt-free and profitable.

The ongoing interest rate crisis was a bump in the cornerstone, but customers quickly adapted to the situation and switched to online shopping. The Minna Parikka online store has achieved tremendous growth this exceptional year – net sales in the online store grew by 150% at best during the spring compared to last year. The reason for termination is therefore purely personal, neither financial nor due to the coronavirus.

Minna Parikka: ‘I have reached in my career everything I wanted: different depending on the brand, international success, loyal fans, as well as the freedom to travel and see the world. This year I celebrated my 40th birthday and my 15th year as an artist. It’s time to say that 40-year-old Minna dreams look different than 25-year-old Minna. The brand has always moved forward boldly, and the same courage has been the secret to the brand’s success. This success gives me direction and motivation to redefine my path and seek new adventures. ‘

Minna has been considering the decision to quit for a long time, and it wasn’t easy. There have been discussions with different parties about different models of cooperation, but they have not seemed appropriate. The anniversary year seemed like a logical time for Minna to end: the last year has been a celebration to the end, as befits a brand.

The ‘Afterparty’ collection, which went on sale in the autumn and is the brand’s last celebration so far, sums up how Minna Parikka has joyfully encouraged women to have bold self-expression for 15 years. The A / W20 ‘Afterparty’ collection celebrates diversity, the freedom to be bold in oneself and the colorful career of designer Minna Parika. In honor of the anniversary year, the 15 Years of Shoe Love exhibition was also seen in the center of Helsinki in the autumn, where visitors had a look at the brand’s most memorable moments and admire art in the form of shoes for 15 years.

Without loyal customers and media support, the company would not have grown as it is today. Minna is extremely grateful for the support she received from the fans.

As a fan from the very beginning Minna Parikka’s shoes have been a part of the Virtual Shoe Museum and have been on show in our shoe exhibtions.

Minna Parikka at the VirtualShoeMuseum