Kiss Kiss

Minna Parikka

Collection S/S 2010

What's New Pussycat?
Spring-Summer 2010 is all about edge, and Minna Parikka is riding high! From happy strappy sandals to kiss-my-feet flats, Minna’s shoes are like lovely little pieces of wearable candy. With a color palette ranging from fruity hues to electric blues, the collection is a medley of sweet and saucy, naughty and nice. And who stacks a heel so high you could use it as a weapon? Well Minna Parikka, of course. Bedecked with her trademark bows, lacing, wings and hearts, Minna’s shoes and buttery-soft, silk-lined gloves are boldly feminine and, as always, made of the finest leather, suede, patent and satin.

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