La Premiere

Michel Tcherevkoff

Shoefleur, A Footwear Fantasy. It began with a picture of a leaf I had taken for a client,’ says Michel. ‘The leaf was turned upside down and I remember saying out loud to no one in particular, ‘that leaf looks like a shoe.’ And, after a move here and a twist there, I had created my first shoe fleur, appropriately named La Première.’ After this one Michel was hooked. For a year he went to the flower market each morning at dawn to bring the freshest, most glorious blooms back to the studio. As the months passed, each shoe fleur emerged with a name and a story. ‘Every accessory became as unique as the flower or plant I used to make it,’ says Tcherevkoff. With names such as Callous Lily, Fort Knox and Escargot each visual is a witty cultural quip.

© Michel Tcherevkoff

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