Part of the Torture Part I Collection 2010

Don’t let the name or the snowy white color fool you into wearing something like this; this devil is no angel.

What is Torture?
I hate high-heeled shoes! I especially hate how we, as women, continue to wear them despite the obvious fact that they are cleverly disguised torture devices. I think most women know what I’m referring to. You know, those high heels you bought because they match that cute outfit. Yes, the ones you can’t stand to wear for more than two hours because they hurt too much.

Stilettos may be beautiful objects, often sexy and eye-catching from a distance. The pain they inflict can be quite insidious. High-heeled shoes hurt, yet women buy them for their look, not for their feel. To understand how truly painful a shoe can be, one needs to look beyond the decorative accoutrements; the metal studs, buckles, bows and multiple straps. These accessories can make shoes more attractive, but they also distract us from seeing the pain they can inflict.

© May Y. Cheung Hoffman, Photo by DeFalco

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