Matthias Winkler

Part of the graduation collection ‘The Urban Autochthon’, 2013

Autochthon is a term from Greek mythology meaning ‘people sprung from earth itself’, they are rooted and belong to the land eternally. It is a character that Matthias Winkler created as a design tool and as a representative of the person who he sees wearing his shoes. This men has his roots in the countryside, grew up surrounded by nature and animals and appreciates its advantages and benefits. Later in his life he finds himself in an urban environment, interested in art, design and architecture he is still connected to where he comes from. The story evolves even further and sets in a post apocalyptic scenery where the city is already destroyed and most people are gone so the men has to remember his abilities and his instincts in order to survive.

© Matthias Winkler, photograph by Manuel Vilhena, video by Yuen Hsieh.

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