Patchwork kelp chopine boots

Matea Glušćevič

Part of the ‘Ocean Girl 3000’ debut (full focus on footwear) collection, 2024.

‘Ocean Girl 3000, she’s an elegant clown ~ surfacing from the depths of the ocean’ considers what Ocean Girl would be wearing in the year 3.000 – a time when the world is flooded with technologymn and the real and organic is incredibly scarce. ‘It’s the year 3.000. You are Ocean Girl. You saw these in in the Ownership Catalogue 2.0, and you were immediately OBSESSED.
The green patchwork leather reminds you of the old days when things were still made in real life, and of the kelp and algae forests you used to dream about as a kid.’

© Matea Glušćevic.

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