Seahorse mules

Matea Glušćevič

Part of the ‘Ocean Girl 3000’ debut (full focus on footwear) collection, 2024.

‘Ocean Girl 3000, she’s an elegant clown ~ surfacing from the depths of the ocean’ considers what Ocean Girl would be wearing in the year 3.000 – a time when the world is flooded with technologymn and the real and organic is incredibly scarce. ‘It’s the year 3000. You are Ocean Girl. You got these as a gift from your egg donor. They’re so ethereal that you wonder if oceans were ever truly this magical. You hope so.

Materials: a combination of materials to embody this aesthetic; slick patent leather reminiscent of crude oil, luxurious satins that evoke the vibe of rippling water and natural pine platforms and heels.

© Matea Glušćevic.

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