Sandal boots

Maroushka Devers

Part of the Collection ‘The Manifestation Of Glee’, giving form to the intangible.

The Manifestation Of Glee, the name pretty much says it all. It can be referred to as and eye vitamin if you will, but The Manifestation Of Glee is not just some placebo effect. It truly works. It’s fun, happy, joyful, to be honest, it’s just good for you. It’s origins goes back to the bare essentials of the creative spirit. The conception of ever idea, where the first spark of creativity is ignited and leads to something beautiful and tangible. The goal is to capture this explosive, illusive moment of gleeful, giddiness, bottle it and share it with the happy masses.

The Manifestation Of Glee can be described as happy fashion for the serious fashion lover. This translates into a culmination of vivid colours and unpredictable patterns leading to an unexpected yet cheerful end result. Because of a interdisciplinary mix of Graphic elements, Typography, Illustration and fashion it is sure to tickle the most deeply buried funny bone.

© Maroushka Devers

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