Shoetribe 5/5

Marlou Browaeys

Part of the graduation collection ‘SHOETRIBE’, 5 pairs of shoes, 4th year SASK, d’Academie Beeld Sint-Niklaas in Belgium, 2020.

This collection is based on ethnic masks from different population groups from all over the world. The masks are interpreted in a graphical way, based on a striped pattern inspired by optical black and white illusions.

The 5 shoe pairs are based on 3 different lasts: pointed – squared – round. These shapes enhance the expression and graphics of the design. The graphic forms overflow into the heel. The sleek architectural heel is a basic part in the collection, with different layers of EVA, (un)coated, or inlaid with pearls. The color palette and the contrasting of (bright) areas of color are inspired by the paintings of Joan Miró.

Material: patent leather (inlay marquetry technique) and EVA.

Photo by Charlotte Visser.

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