Mark Schwartz

Mark Schwartz is the former creative director for Roger Vivier who over his 38 year career as a footwear designer has graced the top fashion runways of Milan, New York and Paris as well as front covers of magazines such as Vogue and Elle. It was Schwartz that convinced his mentor , the legendary Roger Vivier to introduce more colour into his designs and helping to increase the brand’s ever growing popularity Over the years he has had the privilege of collaborating with fashion houses Gucci, Chanel, Balenciaga, Ralph Lauren, Marc Jacobs, Charles Jourdan Hermes to name but a few, as well as creating bespoke footwear by request for celebrities including Jackie Kennedy Onassis, Madonna, Oprah, Sharon Stone, Julia Roberts, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, JLO and former first lady Hilary Clinton, plus many more.

Schwartz was very well know within the New York art scene especially in the 80s where he was a permanent fixture within the glitterati circuit. He spending a lot of time with and managing things for his friend, boss and mentor Roger Vivier who introduced Schwartz to Andy Warhol, who also became a very close friend and mentor to him.

Schwartz sold his first painting in 1993 which was of a red shoe and was hanging in his home but he was made an offer he couldn’t refuse and agreed to sell the piece and continued selling his art from that day. Mark Schwartz’s High Heeled Art is collected by celebrities, royalty and art fanatics all over the world and has been displayed in the Virtual Art museum in Amsterdam as well as in the Prada Boutique on Fifth Avenue and Christian Duvernois famous Facade Gallery on Madison Avenue, Manhattan, among other places. He is also often commissioned for private pieces and has had some of his work replicated on to fashion items such as scarves , bags and t-shirts as well as print in other forms.

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