Time led by hand

Marie With

Leather vegetable tanned wedges, part of a Craft the Leather capsule collection, awarded the third place, 2022.

Inspired by traditional Tuscan craftmanship of leather goods. An exploration of vegetable tanned leather as a nuanced material with endless possibilities of function and aesthetic.

With: ‘I believe the touch of the hand has a value through its lived past that is important to bring with us into the future. Thus, the collection is handcrafted without using any machines. Driven by composition and contrasts I have developed a continuous aesthetic throughout all 3 accessories: shoes, bag and gloves. This aesthetic expresses how the valuable work of the hand, challenged by new compositions and contrasts, can move into a new age of handcraft. I let the properties of the material guide me in the design process of experimenting and making. During this process it was obvious to me that the vegetable tanned leather has the power to adapt over time and teach us the sensorial knowledge of tactile crafting.’

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