Many years of experience in different fields within the art of tailoring taught Yvonne Riener to follow her own ideas and put them into reality. She produces accessories that cannot be found in the regular fashion market.

Yvonne Riener: 'Those individual items are underlined by the uniqueness and the lovely details. Nostalgia is one main themes of my work that I cant deny, obviously. I am not following any trends with my creations, but highlight each customerŽs very own expression, as various as my design. The displayed spats are only a small sample of my work and imagination. Alphonse Mucha, Carl Larsson and Gustav Klimt are my favourite artists and a big inspiration for my work. Since many years I collect antique laces, needle works and appliqué from the years 1900-1930 and it is so wonderful and really magic to work with this gorgeous and fine handcraft. But of course I create also modern spats with more modern details, or pure simple with buttons on the side and nothing else.
There are many ways to create spats, and this is what I love. They are like a dress for the legs and they look like boots. So all my spats I made with humbleness and with a great sense of delight. This, I think, is the difference you can feel between clothing you buy in a big fashion store and fashion that is handmade and unique.'

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