Long Tran

Originally from Vietnam, New York City based designer Long Tran is on the brink of something new, fresh, and innovative with amazing concepts and top-notch craftsmanship.

Long Tran created his fashion house and bought it to life. Fashion is not dead just yet, Long Tran is keeping what is left of creativity alive and it is being unleashed through both his men’s & women’s collections. Long single handedly captures an array of seamless Couture high fashion art in his designs, every garment is specially designed from the finest materials, and carefully fitted and it all starts from just a simple thought process to sketching and bringing his art to life. Texture, new age 3D concepts with just a bit of fantasy for the imagination to transpire.

And it doesn’t stop there, not only does Long Tran just design, he also does his own photography and art direction. Just a second love of his which he can interpret a new breed of art and emotion and draw from his designing. Its totally a win win situation for him, art and creativity just flows through his veins.

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