The Equilibrium

Liu Nian

Moulded black leather flower shoes, part of the LCF graduation collection ‘Rituals’, 2022.

Inspired by witchcraft rituals. Nian: ‘When I researched the Magick in theory and practice by Aleister Crowley, I found this sentence. “To get your Macrocosm and Microcosm exactly balanced, vertically and horizontally.” The is the first object I chose to design. Equilibrium is the premise of all witchcraft activities. In the first phase, I designed two leverages as the forms of dragonflies. However, to achieve my aim of stimulating people’s own imagination, I removed the leverages in the end. So people need to find their own substitutes. This way will activate people’s minds more and more devoted to the ritual activity. This device also works as a scale. Both sides can be the holder for objects. What people decided to place on it and how they want the gradient to be, balanced or extreme. So, simply offering them the scale without leverage will result in all kinds of possibilities and maximum creativity.’

© Liu Nian

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