The Compass

Liu Nian

Black mules with perforated and carved transparant acrylic circles, part of the LCF graduation collection ‘Rituals’, 2022.

Inspired by witchcraft rituals. Nian: ‘To an astrologer, the time, angle and degree are critical. The idea of this design is the transformation between footwear to a compass device. The compass made by three clear discs have curves from the sole. So, the initial experiment was on the acrylic. From the interview with an astrologer: “I want to place some objects which represent ‘purify’ around this tool then perform a ritual by reading some scriptures. My purpose is bringing purify energy to the earth from the universe.” This design can be reassembled to a compass that presents the positions of planets at that moment. As a Micro version of the universe, ritual can be performed around this compass.’

© Lui Nian

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