The Catcher

Liu Nian

Black leather heels with a detachable dream catcher on the foot, part of the LCF graduation collection ‘Rituals’, 2022.

Inspired by witchcraft rituals. Nian: ‘The dream catcher is one of the mysterious objects that is used to catch dreams. It normally made of feathers and crystals and easy to be DIY. The dream catcher’s pattern reminds me of the sacred geometry patterns on my research. The DIY process of the Dream Catcher online is similar to the tutorial of performing a luna ritual online. That inspires me to encourage people DIY the dream catcher in a new way, such as the design with a theme. The method can be cut, sand, or reshape the original prototype. The net part of ‘The Catcher’ has lots of hollow outs and spikes for knitting and hanging objects. Using the hollow outs tocreate the pattern by different materials inspires people’s imagination and gives the object more personality.

© Liu Nian

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