Escape 1

Lies Sockeel

Third year assignment 2013, choose an ethnical shoe and create a replica, then design a collection of 4 pairs of shoes, for the Academy of Fine Arts in Sint-Niklaas Belgium (SASK).

Part of the collection ‘Escape’, 2013.

About having the urge to escape now & then from the busy life of the city, to break the daily grind. For me escaping means, going back to the countryside where I grew up, to enjoy the quiteness & purity of nature.

Pictures of elements/textures (leaves, moss, tree bark, sand) of nature have been edited and attached to lenticular foil to create a 3-dimensional or moving image. As a contrast to the hardness of the foil I used leather cord which I tied and crocheted.

© Lies Sockeel

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