The mothership boot

Kolding School of Design

ECCO X Kolding School of Design, design project is to find alternate materials and ways to reuse scraps and waste from ECCO’s shoe production in order to make new degradable materials, 2021.

This boot is an expression of change itself. With time it becomes an embodiment of the idea of of beauty in use, an expression of how time and use changes the aesthetics and feel of the footwear – and that it is beautiful. The patina of the leather and the distinct wrinkles of settlement of the leather are core attributes of the design. Over time, the foot and heel of the boot will be draped by the leather of the shaft and string, making the design’s statement clearer with use. This flips the normal order of priced goods where new equals better, where as it transforms with use and time.

Anders Donskov, Julie Mikkelsen, Lisbeth Højmark and Amanda Karmark Bro.

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