ECCO X Kolding School of Design, design project is to find alternate materials and ways to reuse scraps and waste from ECCO’s shoe production in order to make new degradable materials, 2021.

3-D–printed frame sneaker.

As a group we found a shared fascination with glitches – minor digital temporary malfunctions. They suggest something mysterious and unknowable, inflicted by stuff outside of the creator’s control. The glitch was the seed for our concept, leading us to the idea of jumping between the physical and the cyber worlds and using the glitches that occur during the jump.

Therefore, our collection exists divided between the two spaces. The mothership shoe exists in cyberspace, benefiting from the lack of physical limitations, while the market and mixture designs are in the physical world as extensions of the online avatar temporarily going offline.

Matilde Gro Larsen, Domile Cepaityte, Magnus Seide and Mathilde Gudrun Larsen.

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