ECCO X Kolding School of Design, design project is to find alternate materials and ways to reuse scraps and waste from ECCO’s shoe production in order to make new degradable materials, 2018.

Part of the ‘Fourmalme Generator’ collection. Multifunctionality. Modularity. Environmentally friendly materials. Long aesthetic lifetime.

We believe in a future where gender is not a question. A future that focuses on the individual, the me. The choices, preferences and personality of the individual. We aim to make the high heel shoe a part of this future. A shoe that is formal yet practical, fulfilling different purposes for the wearer with multiple needs. A shoe for the modern world and mindset. And yet, a shoe that takes us back in history.

Amarins Abma, Christine Bjerregaard Kristensen, Ditte Krogsgaard, Kristin Rummler, Emma Wedeman, Oscar Emil Madsen and Petra Vcianová.

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