Kobi Levi

From ‘Sleeping Beauty’, part of the collection Witch-Craft: Kobi Levi designs for Disney Villians, 2013.

Kobi: ‘My choice to work with Ursula, Maleficent and the Evil Queen was an easy one. I always loved them. Although they are all stereotypes, each one has her uniqueness and a distinct character and temperament. That uniqueness has been carefully incorporated into each of the leather crafted shoes, all of which feature the villains’ faces hand-painted onto the insole.

Maleficent’s face is framed from the front of her pointy-toed shoes whilst her horns wind their way up your legs. Walt Disney characters represent the ultimate fantasy,’ said Kobi of his relationship with Disney films. I loved them as a child and still do today. Their naivety captures and makes me feel like I’m in a magical world.’

Material: Leather

© Kobi Levi Design

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