Evil Queen

Kobi Levi

From ‘Snow White’, part of the collection Witch-Craft: Kobi Levi designs for Disney Villians, 2013.

Kobi: ‘My choice to work with Ursula, Maleficent and the Evil Queen was an easy one. I always loved them. Although they are all stereotypes, each one has her uniqueness and a distinct character and temperament. That uniqueness has been carefully incorporated into each of the leather crafted shoes, all of which feature the villains’ faces hand-painted onto the insole.

The Evil Queen is a heel-less peep toe that frames the queen’s face whilst the upper part of the shoe serves as her crown, which wraps around your ankle. The peep toe itself is the nape of the Queen’s neck and is just begging you to paint your big toe the same colour as her necklace.’

Material: Leather

© Kobi Levi Design

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