Cheerleader red

Kobi Levi

The shoe was inspired by the unique combination of sexiness and innocence this icon offers and by its typical uniforms with their sportive combination of bright colors. He chose to create two color options from this design: a blue one and a red one. They represent opposing teams challenging each other on the playing field.

The rich design is carefully assembled from many small details: knee-high socks which cover the heels; a pleated two-colored skirt over white panties with a decorated hem; a colorful pompon made from thin leather laces and more. The leather upper was hand-made by Kobi Levi in his studio in Tel Aviv. The heel was developed and produced by Kobi especially for this design.

The cheerleader will be the focal point of any outfit and can make it glamorous and amusing at the same time. The design will be hand-made per order in a limited edition of 20 pairs only. Available in Euro sizes 36-42.

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