Orlandi’s Opera

Kira Goodey

Part of the collection inspired by Deodato Orlandi’s beautiful 13th century opera that hangs in the convent of San Miniato, 2017.

This exquisite depiction of the crucifixion painted on a large wooden cross evokes the spirit of the Tuscan region – its rich history, steeped in the crafts and an appreciation for tradition and aesthetics. This sentiment is echoed in the exquisite veg-tanned leather produced in Tuscany to this day. The most beautiful feature of Orlandi’s painting is the delicate sash tied around Christ’s waist. It is rendered so subtly to be almost invisible – the drapes so light and gentle if would appear to flutter at the slightest breeze – in dynamic contrast to the robust wood onto which it is painted. I have explored this dichotomy of fragility and strength in my collection by showcasing two contrasting characteristics of veg tanned leather – its ability to be both delicate and sturdy. I have mimicked the intricate folds of the sash in the lace like uppers of the shoes, that appear caught in a gust of wind or falling softly to the ground. This is juxtaposed against the solid stacked leather heels of the shoes which are strong enough to hold the weight of a person.

Winner of the Craft the Leather Award 2017.

© Kira Goodey, photo by Craft the Leather Italy.

© 2020 Virtual Shoe Museum

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