Kei Kagami 10 year retrospective

A 10 year retrospective of London based Japanese shoe designer Kei Kagami curated by Steinbeisser is on display from 6 November till 2 December 2011 at the Lloyd hotel & Cultural Embassy in Amsterdam.

The exhibition is an encompassing a display of Kagami and his design partner Yoshi Yamakuwa’s unique relationship with their varied media and materials. Kagami, a classically trained architect, worked with Japans Kenzo range before refocusing his craft to fashion. his body of work has a highly structured and experimental quality, influenced by his experience in architecture and also due to his work with radical fashion icon John Galliano. Each of the 60 pairs of hand-crafted shoes featured in the installation are conceptual, wearable, art work. the exhibition is open now until december 2nd.