LOEXS blue-yellow

Karin Janssen

LOEXS 2010
The name stands for exclusive handmade summer sandals. The smooth leather shafts in three colors can be folded into any shape. With LOEXS you can customize your sandal colours day by day. Create your own LOEXS!

There are two models: with a short upper (K) and a long upper (L). With both models, you can create several nodes. Special thanks to bendable wire remains in the upper model fits all!

This year LOEXS are available in sizes Small (37 ½ -38 ½), Medium (39-40) and Large (40 ½ -41 ½). And are still entirely handmade in a limited edition.

LOEXS can be ordered via the webshop. Go to www.loexs.nl and quickly start the summer!

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