June 8th Fashion and Shoe design show by SASK

On Saturday, June 8 the Fashion and Shoe Designing Academy of Fine Arts Department of Sint-Niklaas presents it’s annual sensational and spectacular show for the 17th time. For this presentation ‘t Bauhuis will be transformed into a show location.

The fashion and shoe designs of part-time education in Sint-Niklaas, Fashion Design department: led by Ellen Monstrey and assisted by Maureen Declercq and Chris Franssen and Shoe Design by Anne Poesen & Patrick Cremers has manifested itself for many years as a professional and very inspiring department looking far beyond the borders of Sint-Niklaas. What makes this program so special is that it is a part-time education program. The students combine this training with other part-time studies or with their full time or part time jobs. Motivation and enthusiasm is the driving force. For some people it means finally realizing their childhood dream. It requires huge commitment and only who is passionate enough gets to the finish line. Because the program sets its goals very, academic, high.

Focus is for Fashion and Shoe Design the same: structure, craft, form study, graphics and research of historical and ethnic costumes. These both programs at planned the same time and personal vision and authenticity are encouraged from the first year.

This very professional training is accompanied by a passionate team of teachers and has proved itself in former exhibitions by their students, jobs in the fashion industry and the many prices won by different students. This year Tom Van Der Borght won the re-imagination price of C&A. Until 16th of June, the students will exhibit in Sint Niklaas ‘Ondraaglijk mooi’ to celebrate the 200 years of the Academy Sint-Niklaas.

The Shoe Design department was created out of passion for the craft. The show is the culmination of an academic year and gives students from the first year on a platform to show their work, their vision and creativity. That every year 1.200 people, not just family and insiders, come to visit this show is the best form of appreciation for this department and it’s students.
So make sure you will also join this dazzling, exciting, inspiring show!

8th of June
SASK Shoe design show 20.00, fashion show 21.00.
Tickets in advance 15 euro/at the door 17 euro

Location: ‘t Bauhuis, Slachthuisstraat 60, Sint-Niklaas, Belgium