Project 4

Julia Lundsten

The Ancient Romans were best known for their lasting construction and design, Lundsten has taken this philosophy to new heights by creating a shoe based on the Roman numeral IV. In Project 2 there was the ‘wedgeless wedge’ shoe where inspiration was sought from the aerodynamic industry. For the Project 4 FINSK AW 2011 collection, Lundsten has been influenced by the pioneers of design to unveil the ultimate power heel.

The back heel represents the ‘I’ and the front the formations of the ‘V’ for the conquering warrior wearer. The heel is a firm foundation comprising of varnished wood with an overlay of thin Perspex to strengthen the support on the heel. Foot is locked in by the hold of the metal zip back and thick stretch leather strap around the ankle, thus supporting the wearer against a towering inferno. The Project 4 shoe’s profile holds forth a feat of engineering which is available in feisty autumnal hues. A heady concoction of sharp V design overlay in burnt orange, black, mustard and chocolate brown that arrive at a formidable leather peep toe on the upper part of the wearer’s foot. A version in a combination of black and brown creates a strikingly triumphant shoe that lasts beyond the warring elements.


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