Zabot orange laces

Julia Lipinsky

ZABOT combines the look of Scandinavian wooden clogs and the shape of elegant and narrow cowgirl-boots with the objective to create sandals with pointed and closed toe-caps which are producing inimitable silhouettes. ZABOT combines the features of timeless shape, high-quality materials of wood and leather, trendy colours and extraordinary patterns. Fascinatingly moulded and elaborate bootlegs, bevelled heels and anatomically welcoming footbeds of the feminine and elegantly curved soles stabilize the foot and make walking an extremely comfortable experience. ZABOT has made further developments to the collection 2006. A new design and an elastic wooden sole which is forked in the ball of the foot area and connected with natural rubber (caoutchouc) make ZABOT even more comfortable. ZABOT works with a technique patented by Wood-o-fl ex from Austria. The models ZABOTs Classic will stay available. The Showroom and Atelier are located at Fürbringerstasse 25, Kreuzberg 61, Berlin.

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