Joyce de Gruiter

Unique artwork made of reduced & recycled ceramic, hand painted pieces of famous Royal Dutch Delftblue ware and the Royal Tichelaar Makkum tiles. The inside of the shoe is plated with French gold 22,5 krt.

The high heel of windmills is recognizable as typical Dutch souvenirs. The shoe sculpture is a loving and ironic tribute to the iconic high heel of windmills of the artist homeland.

Joyce de Gruiter loves designer fashion, handbags and her own shoes collection (250 pairs!). She names herself, with large self-mockery, in the positive way a Fashion Victim.

Material: ceramic tiles, gold 22,5 krt.
Size: height 39 cm x length 32 cm x width 12 cm.

© Joyce de Gruiter

© 2020 Virtual Shoe Museum

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