John Fluevog Canadian footwear industry’s shoe person of 2012

After 42 tumultuous years in the shoe industry, John Fluevog is being recognized by The Two/Ten Foundation of Canada as the Canadian footwear industry’s shoe yerson of the year. Fluevog will be presented with the award at a gala of the highest order, to be held at The Bata Shoe Museum in Toronto on tuesday, January 24 2012.

Fluevog: ‘I am thankful that I have lived though a time when a small business like mine can be a vehicle for independent expression and can move culture ahead for the good. Putting something together from nothing has not been easy but I would not change it. The challenge has made me push forward. As I get older I look forward to creating a company that is less about me and more about the team. I want to give more people the opportunity to express themselves and become more of how they were created. I hope the company keeps on growing and maintains the spirit of its humble beginnings.’

John Fluevog enjoys an international reputation as well as the respect and admiration of his peers, and is a role model for excellence, innovation and support to the footwear industry, as well as the community at large. Today, John Fluevog has gained fans all over the world, affectionately known as ‘Fluevogers’. Some of those notable fans include Whoopi Goldberg, Jack White, Michaëlle Jean, Woody Harrelson, Scarlet Johanssen, Robin Williams, Madonna and many others.