Purple Missile

Jo Cope

Part of the project ‘The Opposite of Addiction’, 2017.

The fashion artefacts of The Opposite of Addiction act of as 3D possible positive self-affirmations and tools for self-reflection, where ‘seeing could become believing’. I have always seen the world as a series of metaphors and had started to realise their potential power. In researching the power of the metaphor as a visual ‘self-reflection’ tool, I came across something called ‘Symbolic Modeling’; a method that uses symbols, metaphors, and modeling that can facilitate positive change and achieve a greater self-awareness, inner peace, and an overall sense of well-being.

Materials: colour baked leather, hand dyed and moulded veg tan leather, powercoated steel, lime, oak and maple wood and rubber coated nylon fibre.

© Jo Cope, photo by Nigel Essex

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