Symbiosis SC01FL

Jimmy Junichi Sugiura

Part of the Collection ‘Symbiosis Creature’, which started from my Fantasy, ‘What if shoes were living organisms in symbiotic relationship with feet and growing up around, How do they look like?’

These models are designed in imaginary forms of larva and adult, female and male throughout researching logics & aesthetics of nature, silhouette, and line, algorithm of growing and material, to show my visual answer to the sub-question ‘Where do forms come from?’, 2019. 

My projects are fundamentally intended to reframe my thinking throughout defying my own Definition & Imagination on shoes and rise above fixed paradigms by throwing questions to viewers and ask rethinking and debating ‘Is this shoe?’

Material: leather, wood, modelling board and resin.

Photograph by Tommi Aittala.

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