Platform Orchid Shoe

Jan Jansen

Limited edition S/S, 2016.

A sensual, elegant shoe that will be available in fuchsia, red, terracotta, purple and cognac. Al colors based on the Orchidaceae that are a diverse and widespread family of flowering plants with colorful and fragrant blooms, like Phalaenopsis, Vanda, Oncidium and Dendrobium. The straps resemble the strenght of the orchids roots and the high heel refers to the ‘Queen of the plants’.

Jansen: ‘Initially I did not dare to touch the flower. It was too beautiful, too fragile, too special. That changed when I got to know it. I felt velvet-soft petals and I knew: it had to be made of suede. The orchid is erotic, almost organic and voluptuous and it thereby really is the queen of flowers. It just took me a while to discover it…’

Material: suede platform sandal with laser-cut orchids and gold aluminum heel and sole.

© Jan Jansen, photo by Guillaume Ehrenfeldt.

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