Jackie Leggett

Jackie Leggett x Shandor, 2020.

This shoe was made for the Shoes Have Names exhibition in collaboration with Jo Cope and Shelter UK which uses the power of craft to bring awareness to the individuals who face homelessness and eviction each day.

Arrows take you on Shandor’s story around the clog, shooting up down and around, giving a feel of the frustrations of his journey. Shandor kindly gave me copies of the X-rays from his fall down a hole and these inspired the circle and punching in the leather. X-rays also have a shadowy property which I captured by printing from carved images of Shandor and his son, who is an important part of the story; wanting to protect and have a safe space to create good memories together.

Shandor appreciated having a good pair of comfortable shoes during his time being homeless- a work type shoe with toe cap was my response.

Once at journey’s end and in permanent housing Shandor described the little things that you appreciate like having a pet snake and being able to hang pictures on the wall with hooks – the clogs are adorned with pictures hung on ski hooks.

Photo by Dan Lowe.

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