Ivan Fabia

Industrial designer Ivan Fabia works and lives in Manila, the Philippines.

Fabia: ‘”Design/dəˈzīn” is more than just an expression of craftsmanship but a piece of my life. As a young Filipino Designer, I carry with me my love for the country and my desire to serve the nation. The design and culture that I’ve grown up with served as an inspiration in pursuing this passion.

I am an advocate for culture and design preservation, having to consider the drive for innovative, sustainable and human-centered design. As a designer for the nation, I always aspire to keep Filipino design alive throughout generations. I want to influence the youth to preserve and value our rich culture and national heritage with the strong commitment of reflecting this in every piece of work that I am making and will be making in the future.

My quest is to be part of a movement that aims to make Filipino Designs world-class – in collaboration with other artists and designers in the industry. It is my dream to make an impact featuring Filipino craftsmanship and artistry around the world.’

Finalist of the recent Filipino Footwear Design Competition 2021.

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