Iris Elskens

Avant-garde cantilever platform with collapsible vamp and geodesic heel, second year SASK, d’Academie Beeld Sint-Niklaas in Belgium, 2020.

Part of the collection ‘Woodplanner’, a mix of the rigidity of church plans, the chaos of action painting and the verticality of forests. Finally, the cow-mouth shoe has inspired the unique nose.  

The accent lies in the use of hard and ‘cold’ materials in soft but full colors. The vertical lines of the forest are reflected in the action painting and the design of the heel is reminiscent of the clean lines of the church plans. The unique nose of the shoe is inspired by the cow-mouth shoe (16th century), a bizarre shoe type that has been fashionable for over 100 years. 

Material: PUR, metal, leather and plastic. 

Photo by Charlotte Visser.

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